• From individual units to complete systems

•  Simple to use

•  Accurate Counts up to 3 per second

•  Use for rental work & customers’ own linen

•  Create Dispatch Notes & invoices

•  Comprehensive management reports

•  Control Stock & identify where losses occur

•  Reduce Shortages

•  Improve Customer Services

frames image

FRAMES can be supplied as they are for installation into your own or existing framework; they can be mounted into vertical pillars or incorporated into a honeycomb of sort stations feeding a monorail. The pillars are particularly appropriate when a small “footprint” is required, or when work is sorted into trolleys or carts.

Frames image

The FRAMES system developed and manufactured by Micross Automation Systems, uses Infra-red light frames. These are linked to either a counter unit, in order to manual count recording or to a PC running TRACKNET FRAMES software which automatically records the counts and allows reporting, including interfacing with standard accounting packages.

Tracknet Screen
 FRAMES hardware can range from a single, often used to check specific problem customers, to a full sorting system for batching the linen by category.

FRAMES system is flexible and can be tailored to meet the needs of your business. Each Tracknet Frames system is configured to meet your requirements, whether you have a large or small customer base; few or many types of linen, a spacious plant or more cramped conditions.

Software features include:

• Comparison between actual counted quantity and customer reported quantity • Highlighting of non-contracted items • Recording of van route and day of collection • Manual entry of counts • Customer and article change by barcode

An easy to use and flexible report generator is included. This reports on items counted by customer or category and over any time period. These can be simply viewed on screen, printed or exported to other systems like Sage line 50.


A rugged 16 button industrial keypad can be installed adjacent to the sorting area to allow operators to change category and customer information; or a touchscreen which gives greater speed and flexibility when a wide variety is being processed.


This image will be the standard view on a screen adjacent to an individual counting unit, generally of the type vertically mounted in MICROSS FRAMES pillars. This screen for each FRAME can also be accessed from the “View” menu item on the Main Display of the TR1 PC. The operator is able to see the current customer, category and piece count in the three displays within the FRAME. The buttons outside the frame enable changes to be made. Change category and customer are described in the following section. End Batch sets the customer and category to “Not in Use” and exports the Batch data to the database on TR1. Close is used only for maintenance and requires Engineer privileges. “OK” is a a beacon showing green when the Frame is functioning correctly. It changes to flashing red when the FRAME is blocked. The lilac buttons to the left and right of the FRAME are used to increment and decrement categories not put through the FRAME but counted manually.

FRAMES provides laundries with a cost effective means of recording and reporting in detail the quantity of linen processed per customer. With better information on the stock returned by each customer, many laundries have proved they can increase the profitability of linen rentals.

It can create despatch notes and invoices on standard or customised format paper.Improved management of Linen Rental schemes has never been made this easy before!

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