PEM Systems

Why use a Productivity and Efficiency Management System?

It can give you the information necessary to make substantial improvements to your plant’s profitability.

“The factory productivity has improved by 17% over the past six months…………..” UK laundry owner

“We are now using 12 fewer operatives to achieve the same production levels…” US laundry owner

Most laundries have reported savings, simply by installing the system – typically 5-8%. – Operatives like to see that they’ve attained a reasonable and achievable target.No-one likes to be “in the red”.

Most laundries have reported savings, from completely unexpected areas. For example, discovering that major pieces of equipment were left powered on for long periods when not in use.

So, why a Tracknet PEM system from Micross?

The most experienced supplier First PEM system installed in 1998 Satisfied customers throughout the world All manufacturers equipment covered Huge range of standard reports Fully networked – start small, add more later No recurring costs


That’s good – So what does the production Manager see?


A plan of the whole plant


– Click on any machine, any batch of washing, any operative icon, for more information.

Zoom in, pan across….



What do the operators see?

(And the production manager, when he clicks on a machine)

  • All operators can see how they’re doing – and the rest of the team
  • Efficiencies are colour-coded

A huge range of standard reports

Design your own reports

Uses industry standard MySQL database


Monitor temperatures, pressures,flow rates, Set cursors and alarms

Key performance indicators (“Dashboards”)Fully configurable in both appearance and function

Consumption reports

Data can be collected from pulse meters or analog signals (e.g. 4-20ma)

Comprehensive time switches

Can be applied to any process

Use bar codes for all types of identification (operator, category, customer, location, function)

Other identification methods(e.g. RFID) also supported

Fault and downtime logging and reporting


Automated prompt and verification of common tasks e.g. waxing

Production targets per day or per shift


Live update Proportional or absolute percentages

Shift planning system


Time-bell control


Automatic label printing

Automatic packing printing
Automatic interface with leading brand route

Import data automatically from many other leading brands

Many other useful features – all inspired by YOU, the laundry manager.



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